Legal Services
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Agreements and Contracts

Agreements Are Best In Writing

Our lawyers can assist with the preparation of a variety of legal contracts that detail the terms of the agreement between the parties.

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Civil Litigation

Legal Advice and Negotiations

Some disputes can be settled around a kitchen table while other situations require a more formal approach.  Our lawyers can be your voice in formal negotiations or in a Court setting.


Collaborative Family Law

Try the Collaborative Process

Commitment and communication are key.  The Collaborative process is a non-adversarial, client-centered approach to resolving key issues identified by the parties without going to court.

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Corporate / Commercial Law

Small Business or Large Corporation

Starting a business? Buying a business? From registration of a business name to incorporation, reorganization to dissolution, our office can maintain your records and assist with all your corporate needs.

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Criminal Law

Criminal Defence

Use the services of our defense lawyers to navigate the justice system.


Estate Administration

Probate or Administration Applications

Our firm understands the tasks of an executor/administrator can be made more difficult during a time of grief . Our lawyers are here to ease the load by assisting executors/administrators in fulfilling their duties. 

Estate Planning.png

Estate Planning

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Trusts

The first step is making the appointment. From there, our lawyers will lead a discussion to help you examine your personal and financial situation and understand the purpose and importance of having an estate plan and the documentation to support it.


Family Law

Discussing Family Matters

Our lawyers can assist with all family matters related to property, custody and access, child support, spousal support and divorce.


Independent Legal Advice

Get a Legal Opinion

Sometimes a legal opinion is all you need to make a decision. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in the law and can give you advice related to your situation in order to help you determine the appropriate steps towards a resolution. 


Real Estate

Commercial and Residential

Buying? Selling? Refinancing? Our lawyers work with you, your realtor, your financial institution and any other party involved throughout.  Our experienced staff assists with the management of your file and supports the lawyers in finalizing the transaction.